What’s Inside

The LevelUp Podcast is a top-rated podcast featuring the ideas, actions, and results you need to start understanding and using games for education, training, motivation and change.

Hold on to your earbuds as I interview instructors, parents, developers and gamers and extract the actionable tips and strategies from successful games and education enthusiasts.

Each week you’ll get new ideas to support levelup your life through games, game-based opportunities, and high-value content to help you make the most of games and gaming principles in your life.

Episode Title Category Status
LVL1 Using Serious Games for Education with Simon Engenfeldt-Nielsen Serious GamesPublished
LVL2 Bring Joy Back to Teaching & Learning with a Gameful Classroom with Katrin Becker Games and Classrooms Coming soon
LVL3 Education’s Great Pivot is Powered by Short Sims with Clark Aldrich Games and Classrooms Coming soon
LVL4 Enriching Esports: Four Years of Research Findings on NASEF with Constance Steinkuehler Games and Classrooms Coming soon
LVL5 What to Steal from Classic Games to Create Engaging Learning Games with Karl Kapp Games and Classrooms Coming soon
LVL6 The Rules We Break: Lessons in Play, Thinking, and Design with Eric Zimmerman Games and Classrooms Coming soon