The schedule is using Irish local time (GMT).

  • All presentations will be available as Replay.
  • Most speakers should be available to answer your questions during respective their presentation (or Panel) allocated time.
  • The following Schedule is subject to change

Wednesday 1st November
14.15 Opening of the Virtual Summit
14.30 Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen , Collaborative dilemma-based learning games
15.45 Katrin Becker , Bring Joy Back to Teaching & Learning with a Gameful Classroom
17.00 Chris Crawford, Why educational software so often fails
18.00 Panel 1 The integration of games, simulations, and gamification techniques create more immersive and effective learning experiences
19.00 Panel 2 The impact and potential of games, gamification and simulations on professional development and training in education
20.00 Closing of Day 1

Thursday 2nd November
14.15 Opening of Day 2
14.30 Eric Zimmerman, The Rules We Break: Lessons in Play, Thinking, and Design
15.45 Matthew Farber, Pairing Games and Books: An Underutilized Approach for Games and Learning
17.00 Clark Aldrich, Education’s Great Pivot is Powered by Short Sims
18.00 Panel 3 The design of games, gamification and simulations to tackle complex and real-world challenges
19.00 Panel 4 Accessibility for games, gamification, and simulation
20.00 Closing of Day 2

Friday 3rd November
14.15 Opening of Day 3
14.30 Karl Kapp, What to Steal from Classic Games to Create Engaging Learning Games
15.45 Constance Steinkuehler , Toxicity in Online Games: The Problem, Its Consequences, and Its Solutions.
17.00 Brock Dubbels, Creating measurable increase in revenue and conversion with reduced effort
18.00 Panel 5 Innovations and emerging trends for games, gamification, and simulations
19.00 Closing of the Virtual Summit