Education's Great Pivot Is Powered By Short Sims

    Academic and corporate learning programs are under increased pressure to prepare learners to lead, innovate, and perform in the real world. A new approach to educational content called Short Sims is helping institutions prepare learners by combining the pedagogical advantages of simulations and games with the practical advantages of traditional content. ​

    Clark Aldrich will share how almost a decade of real-world usage — spanning from military to corporate, academic, and government — shows Short Sims' ability to develop:

    • fluency in certification skills;
    • competence and conviction in project management, security, management, and critical thinking skills; and
    • foundational competence and conviction in leadership skills.
    Short Sims are enabling educational organizations to pivot from a fact-based curriculum around memorization to a competency-based curricula around practice. And because Short Sims embrace both effectiveness and simplicity, they can endure. As a result, Education's Great Pivot is providing a unique opportunity for a new generation of authors to build upon today's foundation.

    ​Clark Aldrich will outline this pivot, share trends in usage, show examples of the Short Sims that are enabling it, and discuss how individuals and organizations can join the revolution.

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